Dr. Abdolrahim Gavahi is a renowned religious scholar in the field of Comparative Religious Studies, currently President of World Religions Research Center in Tehran-Iran.

Born in 1944 in Tehran-Iran, Dr. Gavahi has received his B. Sc. In Petroleum Engineering from Abadan Institute of Technology (1966), his M. B. A. from Iran Center for Management Studies, an affiliate of Harvard Business School (1973) and his Ph. D. in Comparative Religious Studies from Uppsala University-Sweden (1985).

In addition to teaching history of religion in the past three decades, Dr. Gavahi has also served as Ambassador of Iran to Scandinavia countries, Japan, and Norway, has been Chief of Staff of Prime-Minister Bazargan’s office, and two terms as Vice-Minister in the Ministry of Petroleum and Ministry of Heavy Industries.

Dr. Gavahi has also been Secretary-General of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, and Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). Lastly, he has served as Advisor to the President and Head of the Department of Future Studies, Iranian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Gavahi is the author of about 50 books and more than 200 articles, a Member of the Cambridge Scholars Publishing Community of Authors, winner of the Outstanding translator Award of the Center for Global Studies, President’s Office, and finally the Recipient of the Japanese Emperor’s award of the Order of the Rising Sun: Gold and Silver Star, for his outstanding cultural and pedagogical activities.

Ambassador Dr. Gavahi is married and currently is President of the World Religions Research Center (NGO), Head of the Dept. of Future Studies of the Iranian Academy of Sciences, and President of the Iranian Futurists’ Association.

Last, but not the least, since more than half a century ago, Dr. Gavahi has weekly sessions on the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an Mathnavi of Rumi, etc.